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Dear Kurt

Thanks so much for the True Margin device, training and optimization of our Mohs lab. We're very pleased with the improved quality of our slides and the increased efficiency in processing specimens, most importantly. Discrepancies among different technicians have been greatly reduced allowing for faster treatment of our patients and ultimately, more cases. 

​Best Mark

​ACMS Surgeon Montreal, Canada

I love the True margin! I can even cut tissue comfortably with it, from start to finish, which says a lot. Amazing product, I am a firm believer in the product and rave about it to my peers. 

I think it would be useful to surgeons and histotechs, whether or not they are experienced histo technician. It would save time on alignment and obviously save valuable tissue at the margin, overall saving time, tissue and increasing efficiency and decreasing false positives.


​ACMS Surgeon Illinois USA

​​thank you, acms for another great year!


Due to a successful conference we are now taking pre-orders for mid summer delivery.

 To those who have made commitments to purchase, we will be making arrangements for  payments and shipments in the following week. 

Thank you for your order.

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